What's on in Bilbao this October 2018

What's on in Bilbao this October 2018

October brings an array of cultural, educational and sports events to Bilbao, keeping everyone busy and active, locals and visitors alike. Have a look at what’s happening in Bilbao throughout October.

Music & Culture

Danza Plazetan: throughout October
The events promoting Basque folklore continue through to October with a few happenings around Bilbao:
Ibaiondoko Barrutia: 27th October, Romerías / Santiago Plaza / 20:00
Parade of giants - 6 October / 12:00 / Kalejira
Pilgrimage: 6 October / 19:00 / Aita Donosti Plaza
For a detailed schedule, please visit the event's webpage here.

Events & Workshops

Danzaldia Festival: 15th September – 21st November
The FuNdicIOn Bilbao has opened the 19th edition of the international festival on the 15th of September and will continue until November, with events taking place during the month of October as well. The dance festival brings in new and exciting creations ranging from dances, audio-visuals, workshops and masterclasses from various artists around the world.
For more details and schedule please visit Danzaldia festival webpage.

Ja! Bilbao: 27th September – 7th October
Literature, art and humour are core elements of Ja! Festival, aiming to highlight the importance of humour in arts. Round tables, interviews with authors, book presentations, exhibitions or theatre performances will all be free to attend.
For more details visit Ja! Bilbao webpage.

Open portfolio: 5th – 6th October
An event aiming to promote new contemporary graphic artists, a selection of the best talents will be showcased in the Ensanche Building on the 5th and 6th of October.
For registration and more details, visit Open Portfolio webpage.

Biscay Bay Startup Campus: 4th – 7th October
The entrepreneurs event will be held between the 4th and 7th of October at Bizkaia Aretoa. The aim of the meetings is to inspire, educate and connect. Are you in the startup business world? Come and connect to the like-minded people.
For tickets and to find out more, visit Biscay Bay Startup webpage.

Outdoors and Tours

Bilbao Night Marathon: 20th October
Feeling fit? Challenge yourself and enrol the competition of Bilbao's Night Marathon on the 20th of October. With choices for all level, the full marathon, semi-marathon and the 10k will run circuits on Bilbao's main streets, whilst the supporters will be entertained with live performances and fireworks to celebrate the 10th edition of the Night Marathon.
For registration and more info, please visit Bilbao Marathon's webpage.

Punta Galea Challenge: 1st October 2018 – 30th March 2019
The biggest surf event in Europe is expected to happen between the first of October and end of March 2019. Part of the Big Wave tour that takes place around the world, Punta Galea Challenge will gather the best surfers to ride the great waves and offer an amazing show.
Stay tuned to find out the exact date of the event.
For more information and updates, please click here.

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