What's on in Bilbao this November 2018

What's on in Bilbao this November 2018

Bilbao bursts with fantastic cultural events and music this month, with the MTV EMA 2018 awards being the highlight of the month. Have a look at what’s happening in Bilbao throughout November.

Music & Culture

MTV EMA 2018: 4th November 2018
Bilbao Exhibition Centre will be the venue for the awaited MTV EMA 2018 live awards, held this year in Bilbao. A celebration of music that is one of the most iconic events is about to happen. Grab your seat and enjoy an evening filled with good music, great artists and joy.
For more info, please visit MTV EMA Awards 2018 website.

ABC. The Alphabet of Bilbao Museum: November 2018 – 2nd June 2019
An extraordinary exhibition is on display at the Fine Arts Museum, celebrating its 110th anniversary. An innovative way to tell an artistic story – Basque, Spanish, French and English words guided by the alphabet order have inspired and gathered artworks from different periods and styles, evoking it. A collaboration between fine arts and writer Kirmen Uribe taking up the space of the entire old building. A reference guide to the extensive exhibition can be found here.
For more details, please visit the ABC. The alphabet of the Bilbao Museum webpage

ZINEBI, Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Film: 9-16th November
With a history of 60 years, the International Short Film & Documentary Festival needs no further introduction. Venues for this year's screenings will be the Arriaga Theatre and the cinemas at Azkuna Zentroa. Be sure to secure your seat in advance.
To find out more, please visit the ZINEBI website.

Malú, Oxygena Tour: 17th November
Part of a national tour around nine cities, Malu will perform in Bilbao on the 17th November, at the Bilbao Arena.
For more info and tickets, please click here.

Events & Workshops

Danza Plazetan: throughout November
Basque culture continue to thrive on display this month with a couple of events as follows:
DEUSTUKO FOLKLORE TALDEAK (Bihotz Alai, Mikeldi, Goiko Alde eta Ondalan): 11 November / Romerías, San Pedro plaza / 13:00
SALBATZAILE Dantza Taldea: 24 November / Romerías, Santiago Plaza / 20:00
Keep an eye on detailed agenda of events here.

Danzaldia: throughout November
The contemporary dance festival carries on through November with several outstanding performances not to be missed and workshops for you to take part to:
Olga Pericet: 10th November
Gelabert – Azzopardi: 13th November
Mumusic Circus: 17th November
Eduardo Guerrero: 22nd November
Marta Carrasco: 24/25th November
Another Dance | Asun Noales: 29th November
Master Class of Flamenco with Olga Pericet: 11th November
Cesc Gelabert dance workshop: 13th November
For detailed information and tickets, please visit Danzaldia webpage.

Contemporary Engraving Festival and Art on Paper: 15-18th November
Bilbao's international print festival has become a European benchmark for engraving and art on paper. An array of exhibitions, conferences, workshops and master classes will fill the festival from start to finish.
For more info, please visit FIG Bilbao website.

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