Restaurants in Bizkay

Whether you want to savour local basque cuisine or enjoy your favourite food, you will not be disappointed dining out in Bilbao: the city is home of many diverse restaurants!

Traditional restaurants and Tapas Bars, serving authentic Basque Country food are well represented in Bilbao. So don’t miss the Basque Cuisine specialties including fried fish, meats, tortillas (omelette) and codfish (bacalao). Apart from Spanish-style restaurants, central Bilbao offers other dining alternatives from Chinese to German and Mexican restaurants.

You will also find other cuisines and restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets. Arabic, Chinese, Mexican cuisine… the choice is yours!

Around the hotel you may find:

Restaurante Artebakarra

Carretera Derio-Mungia, km14 Derio tel. 94 454 1292

Derio tel. 94 454 1292
Derio tel. 94 454 1292

Con un amplio parking, jardines y txakoli de sus propias viñas.

Restaurante Oso Pardo

Gorbea Kalea,3 Derio tel. 94 454 0027

Asador Taskas

Parq. Empr. Aeropuerto (E.S. Avia) Derio tel. 94 674 1210

Taberna Pozgarri

Gernikako Arbola etorbidea,4 Derio tel. 94 454 3599

Restaurante San Isidro

Mungialde Etorbidea,25 Derio tel. 94 454 0798

Restaurante/ Cervecera Eneperi

Gibelorratzagako San Pelaio,80 Bakio te. 94 619 4065

Restaurante Urrutia

Aurrekoetxe Auzoa,11 Laukiz tel. 94 615 1367

Sidreria Andraka

Andraka Auzoa,14 Lemoiz tel. 94 687 9394

Sidreria Loiu

Zabaloetxe Etorbidea,18 Loiu tel. 94 453 0077

Restaurante Aspaldiko

Zabaloetxe Etorbidea, 14 Loiu tel. 94 453 1421


Located near the Guggenheim Museum, Etxanobe is sited inside the second iconic building, the Euskalduna Palace.

    Palacio Euskalduna, 4 avenida de Abandoibarra, Bilbao tel: 944 421 07


    A few steps from the Guggenheim Museum, Zortziko restaurant is situated in a 19th century mansion. Three dining rooms are decorated in a different style but all offer a pleasant atmosphere.  With one Michelin star this restaurant is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Bilbao.

      Alameda de Mazarredo, 17, Bilbao tel: 944 239 743


      Guria restaurant in Bilbao is a short walk from Euskalduna Palace.

        Gran Vía 66, Bilbao tel: 944 415 780

        A Table

        A table is a stylish little restaurant located behind the Abando train station in Bilbao. The service is excellent and the atmosphere pleasant. The menu offers outstanding dishes from the French and Basque cuisine. The courses are amazing and served in very generous portions.

          Maiatzaren biko, Dos de Mayo 18, Bilbao tel: 944 154 766

          Casa Víctor Montes

          Victor Montes is a cafe / restaurant located on the Plaza Nueva in the heart of the old Town (Casco Viejo). The place is well known for its excellent tapas (pintxos) and its collection of empty bottles that decorate the shelves.

            Plaza Nueva, 8 Casco Viejo, Bilbao tel: 944 157 067

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