Bilbao Pastries

There are pastries in Bilbao that you are not going to find in any other place: bollo de mantequilla (butter bun), carolina, pastel de arroz (rice cake) and the pastel ruso (russian cake)

The bollo de mantequilla (butter bun) is a traditional pastry that you ony will find in Biscay. It´s been made here for more that a 100 years. It´s made with a swiss bun filled with a delicate paste of sweet butter.

The carolina was created by a Bilbao´s baker as a birthday gift for her daugther Carolina. It has a puff pastry base with meringue on top painted with egg and chocolate.

The pastel ruso (russian cake) is not exclusive of bilbao but here´s is a bit special, is higher and pluffyer, made of meringe and cream.

The pastel de arroz (rice cake) has no rice at all. It´s made of a pastry base forming a little casserole and creamy interior.



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